What is this

A project building small en fast uptodate containers for CI/CD purposes. In doing so we hope to help in providing tools so developers can focus their project instead of the build pipelines

Why am i doing this.

after a while i saw 2 main ways gitlab pipelines where build

  1. Build 1 big do it all container, and reuse it for multiple steps, or do multiple steps in one job in a script
  2. Using a plethora of docker containers from dockerhub, with no unity between containers, and a lot of customization in the before_script. which requires you the disable the whitelist feature in gitlab runner.

So this repository of docker containers will offer you

  • all containers under 1 namespace
  • mostly reproducible builds, only when the library images of docker hub (alpine/node/php/…) are pushed under an existing version tag would the build change
  • example(s) with every container